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Written on 03/07/2017
Saveria Maroselli

Virtual Reality rhymes with enormous possibility. Something Facebook sensed when it acquired Oculus Rift for $2 billion a little over a year ago. But what now? What can we expect out of Virtual Reality aside from the gaming community’s expectations?

VR headsets democratized

Wearable devices haven't yet said their last word. The biggest change as of late, is certainly how VR headsets have become more affordable. With a smartphone already at hand, all you need to acquire, for as little as $30, is a cardboard headset, or even make one yourself (with a DIY VR headset kit, for as little as $20). With access to a 3D printer, one could even consider creating a sturdier version of the headset. The point is: the technology seems to be here to stay, what it is waiting for is applications! Sure the headsets are still cumbersome but as they become more available and affordable, it really is up to app developers to come up with new ideas.

Virtual Reality uses

What could these new ideas be? Aside from gaming, what are the actual possibilities of Virtual Reality? Will VR actually become a part of everyday life? VR is already revolutionizing medicine: with surgery simulators for instance, but also new perspectives for exposure therapy, to help patients deal with fears with VR experiences… Plus, think of the opportunities for the disabled.

Finally, is Hollywood the next big step? The technology does seem to take a new turn. With VR and movies, the idea is to emphasize empathy, make the story look less scripted. Remember the feeling we had as kids when we believed characters in the movies were real? VR aims at bringing that feeling back. In the end, film could play a major role in selling the technology to the public. Something we are curious to discover.

What's certain is that, with broader acceptance of VR hardware, consumers are starting to have more expectations. It is now up to marketers and businesses to come up with brilliant applications. It is therefore an App trend to look into, now more than ever. 

Tell us, what are you hoping Virtual Reality will bring to life?

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